About Flash Fiction Center

Flash Fiction Center was developed by CMElias / Camie Rembrandt back in 2013, using SoaS, and then saved as OpenSim Archive (OAR file).

Flash Fiction Center is an environment for everyone interested in this form of short storytelling: writers, readers, students, and especially educators.

The center is designed to help people learn about flash fiction and to motivate them to write this type of concise story. There, you’ll find information about flash fiction, micro-fiction, drabble, nano-fiction, along with writing tasks and working laptops, connected to the Internet.

Free Full Avatar Kits

Because entering a virtual world will probably be a new experience for some users, free full avatar kits (for male and female) are provided at the center.

Recommended Viewers

Firestorm or Singularity (this viewer is especially recommended for those with less powerful computers).


Ener Hax, for the amazing ‘Light Bulb’ building; Linda Kellie, for free full avatar kits, assorted furniture, and sit animations; and the OpenVCE team, for the information stall and stands.

Flash Fiction Center is just an example of what can be easily created using a simple computer (not even connected to the Internet), SoaS, and OpenSimulator Archives (aka OAR files).

If you're an educator interested in using this OAR file on your creative learning projects, contact Camie Rembrandt.